Lease a beautiful studio apartment to enjoy your holiday in Delhi

It is easier to pre-plan travel with your friends or family. People usually forget to make a pre-plan for accommodation while they are on their tour. The result is you end up accommodating yourself in any hotel room. Still, you may or may not enjoy your stay in your chosen hotel room. Studio serviced apartments are designed to provide you with a serene and calm ambiance. Furthermore, choosing a studio serviced apartment refrains from infringing on your solitude.

Talking specifically about India’s capital city, studio service apartment In Delhi are available for short, medium and long stay terms. The best part of the studio service apartments is that they are equipped with regular linen, porter and maid service, fitness centers and swimming pools. Moreover, they are home away from home for you with rooms for kitchen, bed, living, and work. Let us see what makes it worthy to accommodate yourself in a studio serviced apartment in Delhi.

Studio service apartment in West Delhi are well-furnished:

Choose any serviced apartment, you rent a fully furnished one. The advantage of the serviced apartment over the hotel rooms is that they are acquainted with the quality intact wooden or metal furniture. Additionally, you also receive a well-structured storage system to accommodate all your belongings precisely.

Space matters the most:

When you rent a hotel room, it shall hardly consist of a single room with an attached bathroom. On the other side, serviced apartments are a conglomeration of rooms with attached bathrooms. More or less, it reflects the magnificence of a double-sized room of a standard hotel. You even get a kitchen for your independent hygienic cooking needs and desires.

Quality of Serviced Apartment:

You may get all the amenities of a studio serviced apartment when you opt for a luxurious hotel room. However, you need to incur much expense in comparison with your stay at a studio serviced apartment in West Delhi. The amenities rendered by a studio service apartment In Delhi are inclusive of LED TV, high-tech DVD and CCD players, fully furnished kitchens, best quality linens for beds and finer toiletries.

Make you feel at home while on your business tour:

The exclusivity of the latest serviced apartment lies in the hospitality services they offer to their customers. Accommodating yourself in a studio service apartment in Delhi gives you the comfort of a homely stay. Renting a studio service apartment is one of the best relaxation therapy at cost-effective pricing.

These are some of the reasons why you should rent in a studio service apartment for your travel stay.

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