An Overview of Choosing Serviced Apartments

Our properties in Gurgaon have different sized rooms & suites, suitable for both short and long duration stay. Home-like atmosphere combined with studio service apartment in West Delhi that is an immaculate service and will give you the sentiment of remaining in a rich informal lodging. Our professionally prepared staff at every one of our convenience will go the additional yard to guarantee your solace. Our enhancements are more than other Budget Hotels. Every property is completely overhauled with a Central Kitchen, Gym, Wi-Fi, Dish TV, Concierge, Housekeeping and 24*7 Security and Power Backup. Ambience like a star hotel in Delhi, affordable tariffs, and long-term discounts will make your stay truly memorable.

The criteria for selection of a serviced apartment is in enumerated below:

  1. Price: Compare the prices of the same start category of a hotel room with studio serviced apartments in Delhi, including online prices. It is certain that the prices of serviced apartments are economical and affordable compared to their hotel counterparts. This will help in choosing the best suitable serviced apartments for the budget.
  1. Amenities: The amenities offered by service apartments are innumerable. They offer a swimming pool, bar; children’s play area, gardens for walking, self-cooking, locker facility, gym and many more. Check their websites or customer care to obtain more information on the amenities one wishes to have before finalizing the choice.
  2. Reservations/Cancellation policy: Know more about the reservation and cancellation policy for serviced apartments. And also the number of guests allowed in each apartment. Whether a bulk reservation is encouraged for family or friend’s vacations. This is very unique to each serviced apartment.
  3. Locality: Ensure that the serviced apartment is chosen is nearer or commutable to the purpose of the visit. Also, check for crime rate and the safety record for the serviced apartment. Ideally, transportation and commute to the destination should be hassle free from the serviced apartments.
  4. Availability of Party/Conference halls: Most of the serviced apartments do possess Party/conference hall to suit the needs of a family function or business conference. People planning for function or business outing should check out for facilities and area provided for such occasions.
  5. Safety & Security: Finally, look out for the safety & security services installed in the apartments. Availability of electronic safe and of CCTV cameras to ensure security against theft. Please check the monitoring mechanism of CCTV cameras for safety and security.
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