The Lure of Serviced Apartments

The Lure of Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is more like a hotel, which is furnished with all the relevant accommodation facilities such as housekeeping, a center for fitness, laundry and many more. It is usually availed by people who are new to a city and intend to stay there for a short term.

Even people who are on business trips are also likely to search for Service apartment in west Delhi. They are not only affordable but also spare the time and energy for furnishing your stay with the basic requirements.

Types of serviced apartments

Primarily there are two types of serviced apartments that people can choose from. They are:

  • Aparthotel

These are apartments that provide services 24 x 7 and are generally located in the center of a larger city. The 2 BHK service apartment west Delhi are generally of this category.

  • Corporate housing

These apartments are mostly availed by the business officials who tend to reside there for months or even years at a stretch or intermittently.

Reasons to book Service apartments

The serviced apartments are readymade apartments and therefore great for travelers. The furnished amenities provided in the apartment are there to make your stay convenient as well as comfortable.

The most significant reasons to hire these are mentioned below:

  • Space

The serviced apartments are great in terms of available space. Often 2 BHK serviced apartment in West Delhi are preferred by people, as they make up or a generous living space.

  • Freedom

Travelling can be stressful sometimes; however, if you are staying in a serviced apartment, then you can rest assured of the services that you would require. All your needs would be taken care of, by the housekeeping.

  • Economical

The service apartments are designed in such a way that they can be afforded by a large group of people. You can greatly save on a lot of items as they are already included in the furnishing provided in the apartment.

  • Homely

Moreover, while your stay at the Service apartment in West Delhi; you are likely to experience a homely environment. It is more like a home, away from home, with comfortable furniture and a relaxing surrounding.

  • Customized

The best part of staying in serviced apartments is that you can customize your stay, unlike in a hotel. You can ask for your required services and eliminate the ones you do not want.

Therefore, serviced apartments are a boon to the common as well as the corporate in the backdrop of a lot of advantages they come up with.

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